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12 Jun 2011, 14:15
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Look, im just a Signature....

And containing universe boot-up sequence...
Do not alter at ANY circumstances....
If you have any problems, please shut the universe down and restart....

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29 Sep 2010, 23:03
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why do you want a mac, why wouldnt a cheaper normal pc do?

also its not "once"
that mac wont last longer than other pcs, so you will have to rebuy stuff at one point
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31 Aug 2009, 02:17
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Why a mac >:C
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11 Aug 2009, 20:12
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Well its hard to help you decide which one when we don't know what the intended purpose is.


For gaming, currently a MacBook (Pro) (running OS X or Windows) isn't necessarily the best as Apple only update the graphics card every one to two years. When they do, they typically use the latest and greatest (within reason) so buy a MacBook (Pro) soon after a refresh. Outside of a refresh cycle, try a non-mac laptop.

For general web browsing/email/etc, a macbook (even the NetBook Air) would be over powered so the best solution would probably be a large screened netbook.

For any development, I would suggest a MacBook. Why? OS X. In my opinion, OS X is the best platform to develop on: it being UNIX-Like and a Commercial OS with good commercial application support; and a well-thought-out development flow; it just makes development much smoother. Try getting GNU GCC working on windows or Photoshop on linux (Cygwin, Wine need not apply).
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09 Apr 2010, 16:02
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I was waiting for Jamza to post here :D.

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