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18 May 2012, 01:15
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Minecraft version 1.8 is going to add many new cool features to minecraft. One of my personal favorite features being added is banners. If you are unaware of what banners are they are custom flags that players can create and customize similarly to fireworks. One of the most cool patterns to be able to be added to a banner is the creeper face pattern. This pattern is added by crafting a creeper skull along with the banner. However in 1.8 another feature is also added. If a charged creeper (a creeper struck by lighting) blows up other mobs, then the mobs killed from the explosion will drop there skull. this is the only way to acquire a skeleton, zombie or creeper head in minecraft. This is where the problem occurs. On the server thanks to a nifty plugging, creepers do not even explode. That means that without creeper explosions the mobs skulls would be unobtainable to the server.

Here is my proposition, remove the anti-creeper plugin on the server and just use vanilla minecrafts game rule mobGriefing false. The mobgriefing game rule allows the creeper to explode and deal damage, while not actually blowing up terrain. This will preserve the server from from creeper damage while allowing the creepers to still explode. It will also re-add the signature minecraft danger of creepers exploding while at the same time nullify the danger of block damage. Do not get me wrong the anti-creeper plugin is very useful, but you might as well remove the creeper in whole with the plugin, they become pointless annoyances that just stand in front of you and block your path.

tl;dr Anticreeper plugin useful but also hindrances, use only vanilla game rule mobgriefing to help take advantage of 1.8 features and bring back minecraft to minecraft.
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11 Sep 2001, 19:41
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Yes, I'll make creepers able to explode

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