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TF2 points reset!

04 Jan 2011, 14:24

You might have already noticed that we reset the TF2 server's player points just now. Everyone has 1,000 points again. Don't worry, we didn't touch any of your k/d or playing time.

This is not a bug or glitch. We have decided to level the playing field again. We will reset the points every other month from now on, and at the end of those two months, the top 5 players at that time will receive a month of free VIP on our TF2 servers.

We feel it's beneficial to keep our newer players interested, and those who would otherwise not have a real chance at 'competing' in the ranks. Plus, you have a good shot at receiving free VIP. The ranks will keep on changing now, instead of having the same people in roughly the same place.

We hope you understand, and support this new development!

Link to the player stats: ... rs&game=tf

Re: TF2 points reset!

04 Jan 2011, 17:48

And the free VIP goes to Aya for coming 1st in the point ranking! :clint:

Jokes aside, I think it's a great development, even though I don't play TF2, I agree that it would definitely interest players and get them more involved. Nice idea :)

Re: TF2 points reset!

04 Jan 2011, 19:46

Damnit! I was hangning around rank 205-215! :P
Oh well, it do even it out pretty good so i'm not complaining

Re: TF2 points reset!

04 Jan 2011, 20:52

Luffz will still be number 1, whatever happens :mrgreen:

Re: TF2 points reset!

04 Jan 2011, 21:40

See new players is a BS excuse TBH, they still wont stand a chance regardless of giving them false hope, had the stats been reset every 2 months when i joined for the first time i doubt i would have stayed, its a challenge to see people you have to overtake and it was only the top page that was any issue to reach anyway :/

Those who were top before will still be top and noobs will still be pwned, but now i don't have a reason to play as often as defending my rank doesn't mean anything anymore >.<

Re: TF2 points reset!

04 Jan 2011, 23:19

Nope at everything in your post.

Re: TF2 points reset!

05 Jan 2011, 00:47

I will actually agree with you there. It was pretty damn fun, getting high up on the ladder, to the point where you actually had to be good to get any higher. (Or have/be a private medic)
That I will surely miss, but then again. I didn't play it that much for the rank. (Though it did have it's influence)

Re: TF2 points reset!

05 Jan 2011, 01:10

Aya wrote:Nope at everything in your post.

So basically you're saying no without actually arguing your point whatsoever?

Yeah GG public rep guy >.>

Re: TF2 points reset!

27 Jan 2011, 21:22

I was in the 2000 area, but now i'm 120. I agree with this points reset.
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