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 Forum: Trashcan   Topic: Silverlight is gay

 Post subject: Re: Silverlight is gay
Posted: 20 Mar 2010, 23:47 

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I started with VB6 and switched to C# some 4 years ago, the transistion to OOP and a new syntax was pretty rough but definetly worth it :v
Today i can't imagine how anyone could do anything usefull in VB.NET, its just that bad in comparison :P

 Forum: Hardware, Software & Programming   Topic: What kind of phone do you have?

Posted: 20 Mar 2010, 23:52 

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<< T-Mobile G1

Yea.. its not the sexiest phone out there but I bought it for whats under the hood: Linux and Java :P

 Forum: Hardware, Software & Programming   Topic: The "favourite forum software" thread

Posted: 21 Mar 2010, 00:04 

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PHPBB3: The following words in your search query were ignored because they are too common words: What use is a search function if you can't search for what you need :raise: I'm running the LifeTimeClan forum with SMF and wouldn't trade it for anything else.

 Forum: Free Hugs   Topic: The Youtube Video Thread!

Posted: 22 Mar 2010, 15:59 

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LOL @ Pirates
Robot Chicken owns!

Its not youtube but i lolled: EXTREME RICE

 Forum: Trashcan   Topic: Operation: Get the CP server running!

Posted: 24 Mar 2010, 23:52 

Replies: 7
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I loved the CP server when it was crowded (months ago), made a couple of good spy movies :ninja:

 Forum: Hardware, Software & Programming   Topic: What kind of phone do you have?

Posted: 24 Mar 2010, 23:56 

Replies: 108
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Android is almost completly opensource and (depending on your phone) easy to flash, so theres a similiar modding community for android ;)

 Forum: Trashcan   Topic: What event do you want?

 Post subject: Re: What event do you want?
Posted: 28 Mar 2010, 21:40 

Replies: 14
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How about an evening in one of the (free) Steamworks Mods on Steam (Zombie Panic! Source, Eternal Silence, Dystopia) :3:

 Forum: Trashcan   Topic: World of Warcraft

 Post subject: Re: World of Warcraft
Posted: 30 Mar 2010, 23:57 

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 Forum: Server Bans   Topic: got my first ban?

 Post subject: Re: got my first ban?
Posted: 31 Mar 2010, 15:55 

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nvm :P

 Forum: Trashcan   Topic: GMod Downloads

 Post subject: Re: GMod Downloads
Posted: 31 Mar 2010, 22:49 

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Tried it on a couple of files on the main page and it didn't work (Access denied) :raise:
The link your generating is different from the one I get if i download through the page.

Also: Holy shiz 4mb exe + dlls :v

 Forum: Trashcan   Topic: Law Abiding Engineer

 Post subject: Re: Law Abiding Engineer
Posted: 02 Apr 2010, 13:42 

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Insanely awesome compositing job :eek:
The movie sounds good too, havent seen it yet :D

 Forum: General Games Discussion   Topic: Aprilon Dynasty BF3 Platoon

Posted: 27 Nov 2011, 16:47 

Replies: 29
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I has joined the party (LifeTimeBLOOD). :3:

 Forum: Trashcan   Topic: What event do you want?

 Post subject: Re: What event do you want?
Posted: 29 Mar 2010, 14:19 

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I still have a couple from the time LifeTime puzzle'd in the old Synergy js_build_puzzle_clare_v2m.bsp js_build_puzzle_fifteen_v5.bsp js_build_puzzle_four_fin@l.bsp js_build_puzzle_nico_schumi_v3.bsp js_build_puzzle_nine_v14.bsp js_build_puzzle_one_final.bsp js_build_puzzle_seventeen_v5.bsp js_build...

 Forum: Free Hugs   Topic: Skype

 Post subject: Re: Skype
Posted: 02 May 2010, 11:06 

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Mumble is a centralized low-latency conference tool while Skype is a decentralized (p2p) conference tool with alot of bling-bling (extras). Ive been in conferences with more than 4 people and the quality just dies because some people don't have enough bandwidth. Skype is great for 1on1 spur-of-the-m...

 Forum: Minecraft   Topic: Screenshots

 Post subject: Re: Screenshots
Posted: 13 Aug 2012, 21:45 

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Karltown Park (with shaders! :3: )
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